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From the Kitchen of Christilisa is a space for me to share my perspective on how books, cookbooks, and recipes can shape our lives and contribute to our life stories.

Who am I? I’m Christilisa, an Alabama girl who loves cooking and books. I’ve been an avid reader since I was a wee kid. I’ve always loved sharing my excitement about books and food, so From the Kitchen was born from that! My love of food has been present all my life but grew once I became Director of Sales for an interactive dining restaurant and had several different kitchen jobs (mostly having to do with pizza for some reason). I’m also an occasional chef for a culinary entertainment company in New Orleans that specializes in Iron Chef-style crepe competitions. I’m writing my first culinary fiction novel along with writing about food, life, and books!

From the Kitchen of Christilisa features:

  • cookbook reviews in essay form that include menus, playlists, and photos that are inspired and created by the cookbook

  • book reviews-mostly general fiction, mystery, culinary, and non-fiction

  • recipes adapted from Alabama cookbooks because Alabama deserves love too.

  • a random topic that’s on my mind that I feel compelled to write about

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  • An end-of-year print compilation

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I’m an Alabama girl sharing a (mostly) food world through books-fiction/non-fiction, cookbooks, and recipes.



I share personal stories to help people tell more stories through books, food, restaurants and recipes. I’m also an IACP member, occasional chef, mom, culinary fiction writer, and avid reader.